Evens Foundation
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Project Manager (thinker & doer)

The Evens Foundation seeks a dynamic, innovative Project Manager to help shape, drive and implement the Foundation’s projects and initiatives under its three departments.

The Program Manager should have a Master’s degree and, preferably, have relevant experience; be a passionate, socially engaged individual who is reflective but also highly practical; be interested in furthering the aims of the Foundation; be able to work well both independently and in a team, and be a good communicator, collaborator and networker.

Job description 

You will work for the Evens Foundation, a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, with offices in Paris and Warsaw. Through our projects and supports, we seek to achieve a more harmonious and democratic society in a diverse Europe.

You will collaborate with your team colleagues and/or our partners that are working on projects and initiatives within the three departments of the Evens Foundation: Media & Media Education, Peace Education, and European Citizenship. The Foundation initiates and supports innovative interventions, supports the development of pioneering methods and tools; funds research; supports advocacy initiatives, and facilitates mutual learning and networking among EU-based organizations active in Europe in the field, by organizing lectures, conferences and summer labs. The Evens Foundation awards also 5 biennial prizes closely linked to its departments (Media Education Prize, Peace Education Prize, Art Prize, Science Prize and the Prize for European Journalism)

The work may be reoriented toward other themes and assignments in the long or short term, based on the biennial strategic plan that is elaborated by the Board of Directors.

For more information on the content of the three departments and examples of projects, have a look at our website.

You will be part of a dynamic international team of seven colleagues. You will work from our office in Antwerp in a fulltime position. Although the Foundation favors using the available technology for international collaborations, travelling within the European Union will sometimes be necessary.

You will be the sole person responsible for the organizational follow-up and administration of the tasks assigned to you.

You will be invited to develop the Evens Foundation network and to be proactive in developing possible collaborations with a variety of partners that could contribute to the success of the Evens Foundation projects.

You will report on a regular and planned basis to the general program manager and the Executive Committee of the Evens Foundation.


You are a passionate, socially engaged individual with a broad but sufficient interest in the issues covered by the Foundation’s three departments, and who has a strong affinity with its overall aims.

You have a Master’s degree and preferably (but not necessarily) some experience in a sector that is relevant for this position (ie, linked to one or more of the three departments and/or to the work of public-benefit organizations).

You are a creative, resourceful individual who can act as a leader in developing and implementing projects – from understanding the broader context of relevant issues to identifying and formulating practical interventions.

You are a good communicator and a good listener, and have strong writing and presentation skills.

You have a strong personality and can work well independently, but are a team player, able to develop and execute projects on an international scale in collaboration with your colleagues.

You are a good networker. You can enthuse organizations, and will be able to collaborate with them to bring the Foundation’s projects to a higher level.

You are well organized, and swiftly follow up and implement the tasks assigned to you.

You make sure you are well informed about and up to date on the central themes of the Evens Foundation departments.

You collaborate in a loyal but thoughtful and questioning way in realizing the Foundation’s strategic plan.

You fluently speak and write Dutch, English and French.

You are able to work with common ICT software programs (Word, email, etc) and use the Internet for searches and research.


If you are interested to join the Evens team, please send your motivation letter and CV (in English) to caroline.coosemans@evensfoundation.be.