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The Evens Arts Prize

The Evens Arts Prize
The Evens Arts Prize, awarded every two years to a European artist, supports artistic initiatives that engage with contemporary realities in Europe and envision new perspectives for shaping our common world.

“Too often, Community Art practice has to resort to sectoral financial instruments (for education, urban or socio-cultural development, etc) that restrict collective creativity and interdisciplinary innovation. The importance of an initiative such as the Evens Arts Prize is that they support contemporary artistic research: the development of creativity and innovation, born from networks of cooperation and exchange, which are the true soul of Europe.” Artway of Thinking, Evens Arts Prize 2015 

“We were celebrating 25 years of Ultima Vez when I received the Evens Arts Prize. It is still a very special moment in my career, not only because the prize recognized my contribution to contemporary European dance, but also because it emphasized the social and cultural commitment of the entire company. This is something we have remained true to over the years, and we will continue to do so.” Wim Vandekeybus, Evens Arts Prize 2013 

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