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Evens Prize for European Journalism 2013


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The Evens Foundation is proud to present the laureates of its first Evens Prize for European Journalism: Mr. Quentin Peel and Mrs. Valentina Pop.

Within the media program the Evens Foundation has two main scopes: to increase media literacy and to promote high-quality journalism.  Combining this latter interest with its European scope, that runs transversally through all  activities, the board of the foundation decided to install a new prize:  the Evens Prize for European Journalism.

This prize aims to reward a journalist whose work contributes highly to making Europe more comprehensive and accessible to a broad audience. The laureates have to be European journalists (working and living in the EU) with an impressive record in reporting, and / or commenting on Europe.

The first Evens Prize for European Journalism, worth 20.000€, can be perceived as an oeuvre prize or even lifetime achiement award. This prize goes to a very reputed European journalist that is covering Europe for a well respected medium.  The Laureate of this Evens Prize for European Journalism is Mr. Quentin Peel, Associate Editor of the Financial Times, chief correspondent in Germany and bureay chief in Berlin.

The jury also wanted to reward a promising young journalist who is covering Europe in quite a unique way, a runner-up or junior prize so to say.   This prize is worth 10.000€.  The jury praised Mrs. Valentina Pop, a young journalist for her mature style, independent mind and professional skills in her work as correspondent .at EUobserver.com.

The members of the external jury of the first Evens Prize for European journalism were:

Baron Frans van Daele, Ambassador (rtd) of Belgium; Former Chief of Staff of the President of the European Council. (CHAIRMAN), Caroline de Gruyter, Brussels correspondent for NRC Handelsblad; Karel Lannoo, Chief Executive of Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS); Peter Ludlow, President of the Executive Committee  of the European Strategy Forum; Vicente Jiménez Navas, Deputy Director of El País and Maciej Popowski, Deputy Secretary General for Inter‐institutional Affairs of the European External Action Service (EEAS).