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The Escola de Cultura de Pau (ECP), Barcelona, has won the first Evens Prize for Peace Education which involved 26 projects from 10 EU countries.

Through this prize, the Evens Foundation wanted to honor an organization, association or institution that offers training programs to current and/or future teachers in learning how to manage interpersonal and/or intergroup conflicts in a positive and constructive way. In this respect, learning is considered to be a process of personal change, in the sense that how we learn is as important as the content of that learning.

The ECP was awarded the prize for its teacher training in conflict management, organized in the framework of its peace education program. On 18th March 2011, the ECP was selected as the prize laureate by an independent jury of experts, from a shortlist of 10 organizations. The prize money will be shared between the award-winner and dissemination of the winning training program.

The laureate receives the sum of €25,000, allocated partly to the dissemination of its good practices throughout Europe.

The prize was officially presented to the laureate on 20th September 2011, the eve of the International Day of Peace. The ceremony took place at the City Hall of Barcelona, in the presence of representatives of the City of Barcelona and the Catalan Ministry of Education, a delegation of members of the Flemish Parliament and the board of the Evens Foundation.

In his keynote speech, Mr Federico Mayor stressed the importance of education and, in particular, the role of teachers in changing the world. He also underlined the significance of the moment. The presentation of such a prize at a time of crisis and uncertainty is very meaningful, he said. It encourages people to keep working to realize a true culture of peace, and at the same time it sets out the course ahead.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, all selected candidates were invited for an exchange seminar organised in partnership with the Flemish Peace Institute, to share good practices, envisage new perspectives, forge partnerships etc.

In May 2013, Marina Caireta presented the dissemination report Peace and coexistence in school settings: a teacher training perspective  in the Flemish Parliament during a network meeting dedicated to evaluation and advocacy.
In this report, the Escola details its theoretical framework and approach to introduce peace and coexistence education in a school setting. It also offers a brief overview of how international players, particularly the European Union, and other countries pay attention to peace and coexistence education in schools. The document ends with a summary of the experiences of the 11 finalists of the first Evens Prize for Peace Education.

Jury of the Evens Prize for Peace Education 2011

Tomas Baum (BE), Director of the Flemish Peace Institute (jury chair)

Peter Adriaenssens (BE), Child psychiatrist and senior lecturer, Catholic University of Leuven

Nadia Bellaoui (FR), National Secretary of La Ligue de l’Enseignement

Magdalena Boguslawska (PL), Director of the Centre for Development of Polish Education abroad

Maria Carme Boqué Torremorell (ES), Lecturer at the Dep. of Education, Ramon Llull University  Barcelona

Ilse Hakvoort (SE), Lecturer at the Department of Education, Gothenburg University

Philippe Vienne (BE), Professor at the Department of Sociology,University of Mons