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Evens Prize for Peace Education 2015. Call for applications

Since its establishment, the Evens Foundation has awarded biennial prizes in various fields to  fulfil part of its mission. In this tradition, the Evens Prize for Peace Education was launched  in 2011 as part of its Peace Education Program.

Through the 2015 Peace Education Prize, the Evens Foundation seeks to recognize and honour  initiatives or practices that awaken and strengthen the social competence of preschool children, with particular focus on skills that facilitate a constructive attitude towards conflicts.

The Evens Foundation highly values the contribution of active, critical and responsible citizens  to achieving a more harmonious and democratic society in Europe, based on cultural and social diversity. Convinced that a constructive attitude towards conflict is crucial to further a culture of peace in an ever more diverse society, the Foundation’s Peace Education Program initiates and supports projects that promote the management of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts in a positive way.

The 2015 edition of the Evens Peace Education Prize aims to highlight the importance of early childhood for the development of social competence, to promote activities that encourage such development, and to share inspiring practices in this field.

The prize money of €25,000 will be awarded by an international expert jury and the Evens Foundation. It will be partly used to disseminate the good practice, in cooperation with the laureate(s).

The Evens Foundation is in search of initiatives or practices that strive to awaken and strengthen the social competence of preschool children – below the age of 6 – with particular focus on skills that facilitate a constructive attitude towards conflict.
Only registered organisations, associations or institutions based and working in the
European Union can participate.
Only ongoing initiatives/practices in existence for two years or more are eligible. Allowing for possible adaptations to context, the initiative/practice is transferable to other countries. The laureate(s) is (are) expected to be involved in future Evens projects related to the focus of the prize.

Submissions should be made in English, in electronic form or by post, along with the application form, which is available below, before 15 October 2014, and sent to Marjolein Delvou.

Program Manager, Peace Education
Evens Foundation
Stoopstraat 1
2000 Antwerp

If your initiative/practice qualifies for consideration, the Evens Foundation will contact you before 31 October 2014 in order to organize a site visit.

Deatalis of the Call are available below.