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Evens Prize for Intercultural Education 1999

The laureates

The first prize of 30 000 € went to the project Country Boxes, coordinated by the Brussels Integration Center Foyer. This project aims to reflect memories and experiences on migration and refuge. Based on a confrontation between youngsters and the work of immigrant artists a broader process is developed, helping youngsters learn to express themselves through memories and personal experiences, and to exchange wider experiences.

The second prize of 5 000 € went to the project A Classroom of Difference, coordinated by the European organization CEJI (Centre European Juif d’Information). The aims of this teacher-training program – developed in the USA and adapted to the European context – are to set up a pool of trainers and to develop a workshop providing teachers with tools and pedagogical materials in order to provide effective anti-bias education in the classroom. The program runs in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands.


 The third prize went to the publication of the book Europe mocks Racism, coordinated and published by Asociación Nacional Presencia Gitana. This publication devised cartoons that ridicule any manifestation of racism, xenophobia and sexism, to be used at universities, schools and youth centers, illustrating the processes that lead to discrimination and racism. A manual accompanies the book.