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Evens Prize for Intercultural Education 2007

With the fifth edition of the Evens Prize for Intercultural Education “Learning in Diversity” the Evens Foundation awarded schools that make an adequate effort to give intercultural learning – “Learning in Diversity” a fundamental role in the educational process.

Five criteria were proposed by the Evens Foundation, they were formulated by the Center for Diversity & Learning attached to Ghent University.



  1. Competence to learn in diversity as an objective
  2. The school policy contributes to the quality of education
  3. The school policy contributes to a better integration of opportunity groups
  4. The school policy is transferable to other schools, possibly institutions
  5. The school policy is a long-term diversity policy

In the fall of 2006 the Evens Foundation launched its call for nominates to schools in Belgium, France and Poland, the three countries it is represented in. The call was especially highly responded to by Polish and Flemish schools. The Evens Foundation made a first selection based on the above mentioned criteria. 21 Polish schools were selected, 23 Belgian schools and 7 French schools. The schools were then visited by the Evens Foundation or by an appointed person or organisation (In Poland: Stowarzyszeniem Edukatorów; In Belgium: Evens Foundation; In France: Filip Paelman, Steunpunt Diversiteit & Leren (Gent)).

The submitted files by the schools and the visit reports founded the base for the deliberation by the international jury invited by the Evens Foundation that assembled in Antwerp on Monday June 25 2007. It was their task to appoint the laureates for this 2007 edition.
Generally and particularly in Belgium and Poland the jury observed a very positive evolution in the educational field concerning the approach of diversity. Diversity is not longer considered as a problem or an obstacle by many, but as a reality, an obviousness they try to respond to. Nevertheless, as concerning the impact of the educational field and her educational projects on youngsters the jury concluded that it is rather limited. The media in particular plays a crucial role in the education of youngsters. The jury from the three different countries pointed out that much more attention should be paid by schools and the educational field in general to media education. The jury also diagnosed a very limited connection between schools and community/society.

After intensive debates the jury designated following laureates between the selected schools and divided the 50.000 € prize money among them. The schools received their award at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris on 14 November in the framework of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Evens Foundation.


Athénée Royal Gatti de Gamond – Brussels (5500 €)
Don Bosco Groenveld – Heverlee (5500 €)
Ecole Communale Jean Rolland – Saint Ghislain (5500 €)
Leonardo Lyceum –  Quellinstraat – Antwerp (5500 €)


Le Lycée Louis Querbes – Rodez (7000 €)
Le Collège Léon Blum – Villiers-le-Bel (4000 €)


Zespól Szkól nr 3 – Czerwionka – Leszczyny (8250 €)
Municipal Kindergarten – Nowiny Wielkie – Witnica (4125 €)
Spoleczne Gimnazjum nr 20 – Warschau (4125 €)