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On 15th November 2013 the third Evens Prize for Media Education was awarded to the Italian organisation CENTRO ZAFFIRIA for its Extramedia project.

The prize ceremony was held in the Maison Internationale of Paris during the 30th anniversary event of Clemi, a centre for liaison between teaching and information media, and part of the French Ministry of Education.

With this third Evens Prize for Media Education the Evens Foundation continues to highlight the importance of Media Education and to support sustainable projects in this field in Europe. The aim of this prize is to stimulate efforts to increase the visual literacy of children between four and eight. Every day we are exposed to hundreds of images. Although we’ve learned how to read and write texts, many of us never learned how to read or (de-) construct an image. However, being able to read the printed word only no longer suffices; we all need the capacity to read, analyze and interpret the constant flow of images that come to us through our multimedia culture.

The focus of this prize was “Learn to read images”, for children between 4 and 8 years. An external international jury of experts awarded the prize to CENTRO ZAFFIRIA from Italy for its Extramedia project. Among other noteworthy elements, the jury highlighted the organisation’s strong, sustained focus on media literacy. It praised the winning project for its innovative media education activities for young children, with the active involvement of their parents and grandparents.

The organisation receives the sum of €20,000, which is partly allocated for establishing the i-Theatre, a novel, integrated interactive system for story-creation and multimedia storytelling, dedicated to children aged 4-10 years.

A special recommendation from the jury goes out to “First Steps” from the Belgian organisation JEKINO and to “Zikita”, from the German newspaper group sh:z Schleswis-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag.

The jury members were: Evelyne Bevort (Chair, FR), Deputy-Director of Clemi; Prof. Dr. A.G. Bus (NL), Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences of Leiden University; Kathrin Demmler (GER) Director of JFF and previous laureate of the prize; Tim Pauwels (BE) political journalist of VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster & Head of Unit Professional Ethics; Tanguy Roosen (BE) Chairman of the Higher Council for Media Literacy of the French Community in Belgium; Prof. Dr. Wim Van den Broeck (BE), Clinical Developmental Psycholgy of the Free University of Brussels and Bronagh Walton (UK), Media Program officer of the European Commission.