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Evens Prize for Media Education 2015

Evens Prize for Media Education 2015
The Evens Prize for Media Education has been awarded to the Dutch network organization mediawijzer.net for its Media Masters.  The Austrian Institute for Critical Digital Culture, Cracked Labs, was awarded the runner-up prize for its online game Data Dealer. 

The awards ceremony was held during the Media Meets Literacy conference that the Evens Foundation organized in Warsaw on 21st and 22nd May 2015.

This time the Evens Prize for Media Education focused on an important and omnipresent domain within contemporary media: the social media networks.  The title of this prize was “Young People and Social Media: Meeting the Challenges – For projects that contribute to a wiser use of social media”. The aim was to support existing initiatives that contribute to the education of children and adolescents (aged 9-16), directly or through their teachers or parents, so that they use social media in a sensible, constructive and ethical way.

An external international jury of experts awarded the main prize to mediawijzer.net. Among other noteworthy elements, the jury highlighted the organization’s holistic and thorough approach to increasing the overall media literacy level in The Netherlands. It praised the winning project for its playful yet very effective way of educating children on a broad range of media issues.

The organization receives the sum of €25,000, which is partly allocated for creating a mobile version of the Media Masters game.

Cracked Labs was selected as the runner-up for its “Data Dealer” project. This project was especially praised for its innovative approach in creating an extraordinary learning context for children. Also the provocative oddity of this game, where young players are invited to play the role of the ‘bad guy’, was much appreciated. The organization receives the sum of €15,000, which is partly allocated for creating educational materials that accompany the online game.

The Jury of the Evens Prize for Media Education 2015

Sonia Livingstone (UK), Professor in the Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics, chair; Evelyne Bevort (FR), Deputy Director of CLEMI; Alessandra Falconi (IT), Director of Centro Zaffiria, previous laureate of the Evens Prize; Grzegorz Piechota (PL), Head of the Innovation Lab at Gazeta Wyborcza; Michel Walrave (BE), Associate Professor of the Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp.


From left to right:  Sonia Livingstone (Chair of the Jury), Mary Berkhout (Laureate), Corinne Evens (co-Founder and Honorary President of the Evens Foundation) & Wolfie Christl (Runner Up)

Photo: Tomek Kaczor