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Evens Science Prize 2007

Evens Science Prize 2007
The Evens Scientific Challenge represents an initiative to encourage cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners in science to achieve active social responsibility.

With a strong emphasis on questions pertaining to human life, its origins and future perspectives, the Evens Foundation targeted individual researchers with a genuine striving for taking science as a tool to improve aspects of human existence.

The Evens Scientific Challenge thus serves as a pragmatic vector to foster reflection on how original scientific thought and outstanding data applications can address contemporary challenges.


The 2007 Challenge laureates

Professor Patrik Vuilleumier
Doctor Gilles Pourtois
and Roland Vocat

from the Laboratory for Neurology & Imaging of Cognition (LABNIC) at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) won the 2007 Challenge with a research project proposal entitled:
“Brain correlates of intra- vs. interpersonal conflict appraisal