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Cycle of Conferences – Krakow 2015

Cycle of Conferences – Krakow 2015
Evens Foundation and The Villa Decius Association organised on July 7th 2015 a conference on the subject of "How to bridge the gap between European citizens and the European institutions". The keynote speech was delivered by Professor Jonathan Holslag.

Jonathan Holslag is a postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders and teaches international politics at the Free University Brussels. Among other things, in 2007 and 2008 he was a coordinator of the EU-China Academic Network (ECAN), an academic forum organized by the European Commission. In 2014 he became a Rockefeller Fellow of the Trilateral Commission and a Nobel Fellow at the Nobel Institute. His research focuses on the impact of China’s rise on world politics, although also having a decided interest in Europe. His work often bridges different aspects of international relations, such as international political economy, diplomacy and military force. Recent books include China and India: Prospects for Peace and China’s coming war with Asia. He is also an active public intellectual, with articles being published in The Financial Times, The Guardian and Foreign Policy.

The conference was a part of the 14th Visegrad Summer School, held in Villa Decius on 06-17 July 2015.

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