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YEPP in Bielany district, Warsaw (Poland)

YEPP in Bielany district, Warsaw (Poland)
The Youth Empowerment and Partnership Program (YEPP) in Bielany is funded by the Evens Foundation and coordinated by the Polish Children and Youth Foundation (PCYF).

Thanks to the Local Support Group, we have managed to create a consultation platform between young people, non-governmental organizations and local self-government. Overall, eight projects for the local community were implemented, including a video project, a youth fund, a creative-activity program, a voluntary-work project, and a work-experience project.

PCYF has managed to implement many initiatives related to youth development. Our aim was to develop the life-skills of young people in order to prepare them to be better members of the local community and to make it easier for them to enter the labor market. The main life-skills in our focus were: teamwork, critical thinking, conflict resolution, self-confidence, empathy, and communication. Most of the implemented projects were aimed at activating disadvantaged youth by encouraging them to do voluntary work, using the Local Youth Fund Model.

The Local Youth Fund (LYF) is a unique way of involving young people in community activity. It does this through grant-awarding committees run by young people. The funding distributed by these decision-making committees supports projects that are designed and run by young people, and that address issues of direct importance to them, e.g. culture, life skills … The LYF starts from the premise that involving young people in projects that they design and run for themselves is the most potent way of engaging them in their community. An LYF offers small grants to groups of young people in order to support their ideas for action and change.

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