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What’s your ID?

What’s your ID?
“What’s your ID?” is a workshop for youngsters and adults which focuses on European values, inspired by the film “I am Europe” by Jef and Margot Vingerhoedt, produced by the Evens Foundation. The workshop materials are available for use free of charge online in English, French and Polish on our website.

Do we have a set of values in Europe which everyone shares? If so, do we all have the same interpretation of these values? Is the European Union a union based on values?

In the first part of the workshop, participants will examine their own ideas concerning values. Which values do they think are important for a liveable society? The second part compares the participants’ ideas with those of the characters portrayed in the film “I am Europe”, in addition to the points of view of their fellow participants.

The third part takes a close look at the European context: how does the EU translate these values into concrete measures? Is it enough? Participants will discuss real life examples of how the EU interprets these values and – where needed – formulate recommendations. Participants will then split up in to smaller groups to each discuss one specific aspect. Finally, the values will be placed in a universal context.

The workshop does not hold the answers to the questions posed. It allows participants to reflect on European values based on concrete examples, situations and on their own experiences.

The workshop, with the film, the manual for facilitators and the presentations, is offered free of charge to all groups wanting to reflect on the theme of ‘European values’.  The Evens Foundation and Ryckevelde vzw hold all copyrights.

If you would like to use What’s your ID materials in your educational work, please contact Magdalena Braksator.

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