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Debate on ‘The United States of Europe’

The Evens Foundation organized a fascinating debate for almost 200 people at ‘The Egg’ in Brussels on 21st June 2013. The main question to which the panel members were seeking an answer was: ‘The United States of Europe … An illusion or a necessity?’

The event was chaired by Baron Frans van Daele, Ambassador (rtd) of Belgium and Former Chief of Staff of the President of the European Council, and the inspiring keynote speaker of the evening was former Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister and member of the Council of State, Ana Palacio.

It was Rob Heirbaut, European Correspondent at VRT, who chaired the debate where panel members Frans van Daele, Mia Doornaert (Columnist and Independent Expert on International Affairs), Karel Lannoo (CEO Centre for European Policy Studies), Peter Ludlow (President of the Executive Committee of the European Strategy Forum), and Maciej Popowski (Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service) engaged in lively discussion of the future of the European Union.