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Media Literacy Train‐the‐trainer Program

Media Literacy Train‐the‐trainer Program
In the framework of its Media Education strand, the Evens Foundation is developing support training programs for teachers (and trainers) in Poland, France and Belgium.

The overall goal is to empower teachers and trainers in their confidence and capacities to use media education techniques in their classroom. Since a lot of teachers often look up to the digital skills of their digital native students they feel insecure to deal with media in the classroom. However, teachers, obviously, are way ahead in interpreting and  analyzing media‐texts. They should pass this knowledge and competence through to the students. We learn how to read and write, we never or hardly learn how to watch and construe images.  The aim of media literacy training is to increase people’s awareness of the many forms of media messages encountered in their everyday lives. Media messages are the programs, films, images, commercials, texts, sounds and websites that are carried by different forms of communication.

The projects in Poland, France and Belgium, each in their own manner, enable and encourage teachers and trainers to use media education techniques in their classroom and other learning environments.  Local partner organizations have or will be asked to develop workshop modules that enable teachers to raise a critical attitude towards media within their classroom and teach educators techniques that make their pupils more autonomous and critical in dealing with the media.

More information on the development of the different programs in these three countries can be found on the underlying webpages.