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Turn on. Youth and Media

Turn on. Youth and Media
Polish Centre for Citizenship Education and Evens Foundation have designed a project on media and information education “TURN ON. YOUTH AND MEDIA”, targeting students of primary and junior schools and their teachers in Poland. This project is going to be implemented as a part of Evens Foundation’s Media Literacy Train‐the‐trainer Program.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness on opportunities and risks related to media, to develop skills of searching for and verifying information and, most of all, to make information a tool for one’s education, shaping their outlook on life, expressing their opinions, developing interests, and engaging in creative and civil activities.

What we want to teach is smart interaction with the traditional media, i.e. TV, press and radio, and also a critical approach to the media of the digital times and creative and responsible use of the possibilities that they bring – not only for entertainment and social purposes.

Polish teachers will participate in trainings and online courses and will be given educational materials. They will further conduct classes with students and teach them how to use the mass media (press, TV, radio, Internet) in a conscious and effective manner. Students will create their own audio-visual materials (articles, reviews, comments, films, radio broadcasts) and publish them on blogs.

The project is aimed at teachers of history, civics, Polish, computer science and foreign languages, form masters, librarians and guidance counsellors from primary and junior schools all over Poland. However, our objective is to demonstrate how media education can be realised not only in relation to a specific subject, but also in different educational contexts (e.g. general educational classes, meetings of a students’ film club or student council election debates).

The project was implemented from 2012 to 2015.

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Organizers: Centre for Citizenship Education, Evens Foundation
Partners: National Audiovisual Institute, Coalition for Film Education, Gazeta Wyborcza