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Peace Education

Peace Education
With the Foundation’s Peace Education program, we wish to encourage children, young people and adults to be critical and responsible agents of peace within their families, schools, social networks and communities.

The Evens Foundation believes that one of the ultimate goals of education is to find ways to live well together, respecting our differences and still being able to build a world in common. We are convinced that a constructive attitude towards conflict – seeing it as an opportunity rather than a problem – is crucial so as to further a culture of peace in our increasingly diverse society.

The Peace Education program thus initiates and supports projects that explore the role and the transformative potential of conflict, both for individuals and society.

Our work includes: fund research related to the topic; initiate innovative methodologies and test them through pilot projects; support the exchange of inspiring practices; facilitate networking among EU-based organizations active in the field, and support their advocacy initiatives.

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