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Conflict Matters 2017

Conflict Matters 2017
Conflict Matters, a major European conference exploring conflict transformation through education, organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Education of the University of Cambridge and the British Academy, will take place in London, from 8 to 10 November.

In response to the increasing discords and polarisation in our societies, Conflict Matters 2017 will focus on societal tensions, and on the educational policies and practices needed to work with these in a constructive way.

We will discuss the conditions for a productive dialogue in divided societies and try out concrete methods of turning conflict into an educational opportunity. We will identify strategies that allow contestation or confrontation to be expressed, but at the same time transform it into inclusive, egalitarian dialogue.

Ultimately, the conference seeks to engage in a reflection on how the practice of citizenship education can enable everyone to act as equal political subjects. In this regard, the balance between deliberative and more confrontational approaches is particularly important in the current educational context, where a strong desire for agreement and consensus persists.

We address a wide public of educators, teachers, students, researchers, policymakers and parents – not only those who are already convinced but, most importantly, those who are unfamiliar with conflict transformation tools and regularly face the challenge of dealing with societal tensions.

The conference is conceived as a platform where participants can discover, share and reflect on pioneering ideas and good practices that help to engage with divisive issues and societal conflicts in a transformative way – in the classroom and beyond.

The conference program can be found on the dedicated website: www.conflictmatters.eu/conference-2017/