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Conflict Matters Platform

Conflict Matters Platform
The Evens Foundation has launched a new tool for practitioners: an online platform to discover and highlight good practices in peace education, and to discuss the key issues with colleagues from all over Europe.

For some years now, the Evens Foundation has been gathering information on such good practices through its Peace Education Prize as well as through practitioners and school exchanges involving job-shadowing, and practitioners’ learning laboratories.

Knowing that educators are keen to discover and share new approaches and practices, the Evens Foundation launched this website as a new platform to enable dissemination and connection. It will also help to identify the key elements that make a practice a success, and it provides a space for reflective practice and external assessment among peers.

The practices have been selected and described following a process of dialogue between the Evens Foundation, the Escola de Cultura de Pau (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and each of the practitioners. This process allows us to identify the strengths of each practice, reflect on the process of implementing it, and highlight its good results.

We will continue to enrich this website with new practices. You are welcome to upload your own practices and comment on others.