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European Network of Peace Education Practitioners

European Network of Peace Education Practitioners
In September 2011 the foundation seized the opportunity of the Peace Education Prize award ceremony to invite organisations working on confliction management in schools around Europe to Barcelona for an exchange seminar to share good practice, envisage new perspectives, forge partnerships, etc. A new network was born.

Following the exchange seminar, a series of one-to-one visits of the participating practitioners took place in 2012 in order to deepen their mutual understanding of each other’s work. Ten organizations participated in this exchange.

In May 2013 the whole group gathered in Brussels to share experiences and discuss shared concerns and challenges, mainly related to the practitioners’ relation to policy and their evaluation practices. The discussions will be reopened in the framework of a publication that the foundation is preparing on the topic of evaluation practices in peace and conflict management education.

In addition to this the foundation will continue to offer exchange opportunities to the network in the framework of future projects.