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In every democratic society citizens enjoy a number of fundamental freedom rights: freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the right to privacy. But are these freedom rights unlimited? What happens when they conflict with one another, or if they conflict with safeguarding the democratic system?

In the Free2Choose project, developed by the Anne Frank Foundation (Netherlands), young people are encouraged to adopt a point of view and debate freedom rights on the basis of a number of film clips. Starting from actual cases from around the world in which freedom rights collide with the safeguarding of the democratic system of law, the contemporary limits of freedom are explored.

The Evens Foundation was asked to introduce the Free2Choose project in Flanders. Students of the Kunsthumaniora and the Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten (SISA) – both secondary arts schools in Antwerp – were invited to make their own films on dilemmas concerning freedom in society. In this way, we also tried to gain an insight into their understanding of freedom.

The standard package of this European educational program consists of a DVD with 10 film clips and a teacher’s manual. For the Flemish edition, six film clips were added as well as an adapted teacher’s manual. These clips show particular dilemmas identified by the young filmmakers themselves. The accompanying teacher’s manual offers necessary background information and good practices on how to guide young people in a debate.