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Initiative for Intercultural Learning Material

Initiative for Intercultural Learning Material
This project was set up to create awareness (in particular among publishers and authors of learning material and school books) on the importance of intercultural educational tools that reflect the diversity of our society. Directors, teachers and school teams need educational tools that can support them in educating from an intercultural perspective, and in working on pupils' competences to be able to deal with diver

In 2007 Steunpunt Diversiteit & Leren (Diversity and Learning Advice Center), ex-laureate of the Prize for Intercultural Education, was asked to assess Flemish educational material for their intercultural value, including the approach of various religions and beliefs. ‘Steunpunt’ collected books offered on the Flemish educational market and defined the parameters for screening educational material on the basis of diversity.

The results were published in the form of a report, which was submitted to the media and governmental bodies in 2008, and also contained recommendations for improving educational material with support for teachers and publishers. The report demonstrates that still too little attention is being paid to the diversity component and that competences to improve dealing with diversity should be built into educational material in a better way.

In 2009, the Evens Foundation has ordered a similar study for the French-speaking community of Belgium. This study was carried out by Dr. Dina Sensi of Eden Academia. Both reports show similar results. Both studies show that the diversity of our societies is insuffienctly represented in the educational material.

In 2011 the Evens Foundation published both studies in book form, with prefaces by the respective ministers of education. Both publications can be ordered from www.garant.be.