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Following a successful pilot project run by the Fondation M in the French-speaking part of Belgium Savoir-Être à l’École, the Evens Foundation and the Fondation M, since 2012 part of Learn to Be asbl, decided to join forces to launch a similar pilot project in Flanders.

The pilot-project included the organization of a six-day interschool training course for the education staff, including school managers, of six primary schools with diverse profiles and hence, different needs related to interpersonal relations, communication and stress management. The main focus of the training was put on group dynamics, managing power relations and dealing with aggression based on the Neuro-Cognitive Behavioural Method based on 25 years of pluridisciplinary research carried out by the Institut de Médecine Environnementale in Paris.

The training courses in Flanders were launched in December 2012 and lasted until June 2013. The University of Antwerp was asked to set up a qualitative & quantitative evaluation of the impact and sustainability of the project. The research showed that the training has had an impact on the participants functioning, more specifically in raising their awareness about their own and other people’s behaviour. They also claim to feel more serene and calm in their interpersonal contacts. In addition to this the majority of the participants state that they would like to get further coaching in order to fully integrate the approach into their practice. Overall, all participants were very satisfied with the training. The research also indicates that they gained a good understanding of the matter, more in particular if it concerns their state of mind (savoir-être) resulting in a greater degree of self-confidence and increased ability to put things in perspective. You will find more information in the article attached.
To answer the need of further coaching to be able to implement the approach at school level, Learn to be and the Evens Foundation plan to collaborate intensively with one school to fully implement the approach. The school in question (De Wereldreiziger)  will serve as a model for the project.