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Learning Lab

Learning Lab
The Evens Foundation invited a selected group of NGOs from different EU-countries to participate in a learning lab dedicated to the development and promotion of constructive conflict management in education. We saw it as an ongoing action research project that offered members the opportunity to inquire, experiment, reflect and share learnings.

The starting point of this adventure was a survey of your organisation’s experience and needs related to advocacy and sustainability. We offered participants a space for collaborative democratic inquiry, dialogue and co-creation with peers from across Europe under the skilled guidance of an experienced facilitator.


In some European countries/regions constructive conflict management is part of the official school curriculum or educational policy. In certain cases it took a campaign to convince policymakers of the importance of conflict management education. In other cases an incident provoked a reaction of educational actors, etc. But the question remains what kind of educational policy is most beneficial for the development of skills and competencies that facilitate a constructive attitude towards conflict in the school context?

Although the educational contexts in European countries differ widely, sharing best practice, advocacy actions to promote constructive conflict management in education (What? Why? How?) and insights into contexts where conflict management education is integrated in educational policy, can be mutually inspiring and motivating for NGOs active in the field. Dedicating a European learning lab to explore the policy dimension of conflict management education also linked actors throughout Europe and contribute to a European wide movement that draws attention to the importance of positive conflict management in education.


  • Establish shared learning’s on advocating for conflict management in education policy.
  • Reflect upon best practices and concrete educational policies that would support such practices.
  • Further the inclusion of constructive conflict management in educational policy in EU-countries.
  • Empower and inspire NGOs active in the field to (continue to) advocate constructive conflict management in their respective regions/countries and at EU-level through a learning lab experience.
  • Support NGO’s active in the field to strengthen the sustainability of their work.
  • (Continue to) build a European peer-to-peer learning network.


  • A shared framework on good practices of constructive conflict management in education and concrete educational policies that would support such practices.
  • A series of advocacy actions to promote conflict management on both the local/regional/national level and European level.
  • A series of action plans to ensure and strengthen the sustainability of the participating organisations’ work.
  • A shared inquiry into how the group would like to continue sharing best practice and establishing quality standards on policy related to conflict management in education.

Participating Organisations 

  • Escola de Cultura de Pau – Spain (Catalonia)
  • Université de Paix – Belgium & Luxembourg
  • Towarzystwo Edukacji Antydyskryminacyjnej
  • Centro PsicoPedgagogico per l’educazione et la gestione dei conflitti (CPPP) – Italy
  • Center for Konfliktløsning – Denmark
  • Ilse Hakvoort, University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Education – Sweden
  • Coordination pour l’éducation à la non-violence et à la paix – France
  • Génération Médiateurs – France
  • Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights – Croatia
  • Marianne Göthlin – Sweden
  • Transforming Conflict – UK
  • Believe arts – UK

In 2016-2018 Learning Lab will be continued in a form of transnational project aiming at development common curriculum, preparation and implementation of joint advocacy strategy and networkingin the EU. More information soon.