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Toy libraries Walala/Walalou & De Speelvijver (The Playing Pond)

Toy libraries Walala/Walalou & De Speelvijver (The Playing Pond)
"We are not ceasing to play because we are growing older, but we are growing older because we cease to play." - George Bernard Shaw

Toy libraries promote play as being essential to the physical, psychological, educational and socio-cultural development of children. They provide access to good-quality toys that match the stages of a child’s development, while professional educators answer questions and give advice. They also offer parents a place where they encounter other young families and can exchange concerns about the education of children. The concept requires parents to be active in the toy library and spend some time there. In a culture that is often obsessed with educational results, many parents discover with surprise the pleasure and importance of play.

The Evens Foundation co-initiated and supported two toy libraries: Walala/Walalou, Cureghem neighborhood, Brussels (from 2000 to 2010), and De Speelvijver (The Playing Pond), Antwerp North (from 2007 to 2010).

In 2010 we concluded our funding for these two libraries. Both now receive government support and are thus able to function independently from Evens Foundation financing. We are pleased to see that these two projects, in which we were involved for many years, now receive the recognition they so much deserve.

Walalou welcomed CNN World News on 2nd February 2011! Click here to see the video.
Click here to see a video on De Speelvijver!

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