Mayday: The Age of Crisis

Mayday: The Age of Crisis

On 9 May – Europe Day – Bozar will host a special event for the launch of Mayday Magazine, which this year explores the "Age of Crisis": a moment in history where multiple global crises are converging.

Posing the question, "Can Europe provide solutions to the various crises facing the world today?", the event will bring together journalists and speakers to discuss the current state of the union on the anniversary of Robert Schuman’s 1950 declaration that launched European unification.

There will also be a talk from author Guiliano da Empoli, whose debut novel, The Wizard of the Kremlin, was published in 2022, a few weeks after Putin invaded Ukraine. In 2020, he published Seven Ideas for a European Cultural Recovery Plan, which argues for a cultural recovery of the European Union. Tickets for his talk are available on the Bozar website.

Copies of the magazine will also be available at the event, featuring articles, personal stories, interviews, photo series and photo essays, infographics, illustrations and comics, looking at the impact of the world's crises on individuals, society and on the values and institutions of democracy.

View the programme and book tickets on the Bozar website.

The Evens Foundation is a partner in Mayday Magazine and the event.