New podcast series: The Seventh Value

The Evens Foundation has launched a new series examining the values that underpin the European project

New podcast series: The Seventh Value

The first podcasts from the new six-part series The Seventh Value have launched on podcasting platform Acast and Spotify.

The European project was founded on a set of shared values – but have they stood the test of the time and how relevant are they in our increasingly tempestuous political environment? What do concepts like freedom, equality and democracy really mean in Europe today and how can we relate them to the stories unfolding around us?

Each episode explores a different value, diving into contemporary stories about Europe like migration, Brexit and the impact of mining pollution on local communities, and bringing together a diverse range of think tanks and research centres for a unique, open discussion. At the end of each episode, the participants are invited to add their own new value: the 'seventh value'.

A new episode will be published each week and shared on the Evens Foundation website and social media channels.