Spaces for Assemblies | Akademie der Künste | Berlin

Organised in cooperation with architects collective raumlaborberlin, the workshop invited participants to explore and bring into being spaces for assemblies. Through a series of embodied exercises, we tested different modes of assemblies and decision-making processes. Some questions we tried to reflect upon were: What kind of spaces encourage assemblages of collective activity? Can we design spaces or create situations that allow us to speak different? Are these flexible enough to facilitate more than one position? Which spatial protocols can provoke a responsive, accessible and caring assembly?

The workshop Spaces for Assemblies: Scripts/Protocols/Formats took place on 13 April 2019 at Akademie der Künste, Berlin in the frameworks of A Soul for Europe conference. It was led by Rosario Talevi (raumlaborberlin) and Anne Davidian (Evens Foundation).

The workshop was part of Assemblies: Modern Rituals, an ongoing research and experimentation project initiated by the Evens Foundation.