New series of Sharing European Histories teacher training workshops

A second series of the Sharing European Histories teacher trainings is currently being rolled out in Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia.

Sharing European Histories is an initiative of the Evens Foundation in partnership with EuroClio aiming to help young people to understand the complexity, multiplicity and transnational character of European history. One

The sessions aim to introduce and promote the next set of Sharing European Histories teaching strategies in different contexts across Europe to understand how the strategies can be adapted to and implemented in those contexts.

The new strategies include Researching Local Impacts of Global Developments to Make History Real; Debating Controversial Representations in Public Spaces to Understand Contested Historical Legacies; Curating a Museum Exhibition to Enhance Students’ Understand of Historical Interpretation; Telling Stories about Borders to Understand the Importance of Historical Contexts and Comparing and Contrasting Different Accounts of the Same Event to understand the Complexity of the Past.