The Laureate of the Evens Science Prize 2020

The Evens Foundation is pleased to announce that the laureate for the Evens Science Prize 2020 will be Professor Karin Roelofs of Radboud University and the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in the Netherlands.

The international expert jury of the Evens Science Prize 2020 decided unanimously to award the prize to Prof. Roelofs for her research on acute stress responses, resilience in the face of traumatic events and the underlying neurocognitive mechanisms that shape how we react when confronted with these events.

Prof. Roelofs' research has important implications for our understanding of how to design intervention programs aimed at training those imbued with societal responsibilities to exert effective control over their own behavioural responses when confronted with stress. The research aligns with the Evens Science Prize’s mission to further our understanding of human behaviour, with an emphasis on ethical aspects, cooperation and altruism.

More information about the prize and the laureate