The Seventh Value – Episode One: Human Dignity

In this first episode from our new podcast series The Seventh Value, we explore how the concept of human dignity became a core value enshrined within the European treaty and what it means today – particularly in light of climate change.

The policy-making system of Brussels feels a long way away from the lignite mines in Macedonia, Greece. Yet those policies are ending a way of life that has existed for generations for the miners, their families and their communities. It is widely accepted that the closing of the mines is better for the environment, but what is less clear is how EU funding will help individuals and communities survive and stop young people from moving away.

Host Julie Symonds and Ioli Christopoulou, Partner and Policy Director from Athens-based The Green Tank, discuss how we can transition towards a more sustainable future while keeping our dignity intact.

Episode One Credits

Guest – Ioli Christopoulou, Partner and Policy Director, The Green Tank

Host – Juli Simond, Are We Europe

Producer – Anneleen Ophoff, Are We Europe

Sound Designer – Wederik De Backer, Are We Europe

Coordinator – Federica Mantoan, Evens Foundation

The Seventh Value is a collaboration between the Evens Foundation and Are We Europe, which explores the values that make up the fabric and face of the European Union. Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. Over 70 years ago these founding pillars were written into the treaty of the European Union, but how have they withstood the test of time? What other values might be important today? Find out more here.