Image & Memory | Writers' Series

This series of literary texts sheds light on images that have shaped our collective imaginary, inaugurating a new collaboration with LE BAL.

To continue our support for visual literacy, we have launched a new project with our long-standing partner LE BAL, the acclaimed French institution dedicated to visual studies. A few years ago, we initiated together Ersilia, a digital platform and a one-of-its-kind tool for analysing images. Designed by LE BAL, it became a quickly growing and successful project developing new pedagogical materials and receiving professional recognition from the educational community.

To share Ersilia’s remarkable resources with wider audiences, and to enrich it with new perspectives, the Evens Foundation has proposed a new chapter with LE BAL. Every month, a writer will submit a short literary text that will appear both on the platform and also in a partner media outlet. The text will be dedicated to an image or images of their choice. Contemporary or historical, disturbing, enigmatic or easily seductive, these chosen images will necessarily be part of our collective memory. Sometimes forgotten and newly brought to the surface, these are images that have shaped our perceptions and representations.

Combining critical and sensible approaches, these texts will unfold the – often imperceptible at first sight – historical, political, and cultural significations that the images contain. The analyses will reveal how our collective gaze is constantly being conditioned, be it by cultural habits or technical possibilities, and how ways of seeing persist or change over time. Finally, the writers will engage with the emotional responses that are evoked when looking at images, adding more complexity and new ways of relating to what we see.

The list of authors will be communicated in September 2019. The texts will later be gathered together in a book.