Voi[e,x,s] Research Fellowship Launched

We are very happy to welcome our new Voi[e,x,s] Research Fellow, Dimitri Szuter, who in partnership with Theatrum Mundi, will be working on the Voi[e,x,s] project from September 2019 to April 2020.

Whilst the disused Parisian railway depot known as Chapelle Charbon begins its transformation into an urban park and housing, the opera company MDPA – Alexandra Lacroix, composer Marta Gentilucci, and the research centre Theatrum Mundi are proposing an innovative in situ performance work to capture the history of this exceptional space, but also create new memories through its sonic and kinetic activation.

With its first major outcome culminating in a large scale public performance in 2020, via smaller experiments in 2018 and 2019, this project is a long-term process of artistic creation but also of knowledge production. The Evens Foundation, in partnership with Theatrum Mundi, has initiated and commissioned research integrated into the project. Led by Dimitri Szuter, this research is aimed at developing an understanding of how performance could offer a set of creative and participative tools to enrich in the relationship between people and a brand new public space. In other words, how performance could be a kind of urban design in itself. Dimitri is spending eight months from September 2019 to April 2020 following the development of the project up until the final performance, observing performances and public workshops to develop cartographies of the spatial conditions they create and interviewing participants about the evolving relationship between them and the rapidly-changing environment of Chapelle Charbon.

The aim of the fellowship is to produce a joint publication between Evens Foundation, Theatrum Mundi and Dimitri Szuter, documenting and critically reflecting on the process of creating a performance at Chapelle Charbon, as well as a film and scientific article.