Mayday 2022 - Ukraine Alarm!

Event and Magazine

The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine has once again brought the war to Europe. May 9, Europe Day, is therefore this year primarily a day of solidarity with Ukraine.

On Europe Day, the Evens Foundation traditionally joins and supports Bozar in the organisation of a range of lectures and debates concerning the state of the European Union under the title "Mayday". For the 2022 edition, journalists and academics from across Europe, but especially from Ukraine, will clarify the conflict. Artists and cultural workers will reflect upon the role which they can play when the guns speak. Dissident Russian voices who have been persecuted in their own country by President Putin's regime will also be featured. On the same occasion the third edition of Mayday Magazine - this year entirely devoted to the war in Ukraine - will also be launched.

More information about the programme and registration can be found on the website of Bozar.