Our biennial prizes highlight innovative practices and achievements. Over the years, these prizes have also helped us identify new challenges, gain new insights and perspectives, and expand our network.

  • Arts


    The Evens Arts Prize honours artists who engage with contemporary realities in Europe and envision different perspectives for shaping our common world.

    Far from reducing artistic practice to a function – whether a social balm or a political catalyst – the Evens Arts Prize supports aesthetically and intellectually powerful work that pushes the understanding of questions concerning plurality, difference, and alterity in new directions, questions values and narratives, creates space for silenced or dissonant voices, and reflects on diverse forms of togetherness and belonging.

    The biennial Prize is awarded to a European artist working in the fields of visual or performing arts; it carries a sum of €15,000. Through this support, we seek to encourage progressive modes of addressing current challenges and to frame inspirational visions for the future of Europe.

  • Journalism


    The Evens Prize for Journalism aims to reward a journalist whose work contributes highly to making Europe more comprehensive and accessible to a broad audience. The laureates have to be European journalists (working and living in the EU) with an impressive record in reporting, and / or commenting on Europe.

  • Critical Thinking


    The Evens Prize for Critical Thinking to be launched in 2019 will gather the concerns we have addressed in our previous Prizes for Media Education and Peace Education.
    More information: coming soon

  • Science


    Established in 2007, the Evens Science Prize supports researchers acknowledging their importance in exploring and finding out answers to the major challenges in our societies. Throughout the years, we have been focusing on cognitive neuroscience, that furthers understanding of our behavior, whether individual or collective, with special emphasis on ethical, cooperative and altruistic aspects.