Giacomo Zandonini and Justyna Suchecka named as Evens Journalism Prize laureates 2021

Evens Journalism Prize 2021 Geopolitics and Education laureates announced

The Evens Foundation has announced two recipients for the 2021 Journalism Prize, in two different categories.

The prestigious €15,000 Evens Journalism Prize recognises the crucial role of journalists in leading and shaping conversations on these vital topics within Europe. 

At a time when press freedom is under threat in many areas of the world, with record numbers of imprisoned and missing journalists (source: CPJ), it is more important than ever to recognise and support good journalism. 

The two Evens Journalism Prize 2021 Laureates represent the best of contemporary journalism in two different specialisms: Giacomo Zandonini (Italy) in the Geopolitics category and Justyna Suchecka (Poland) in the Education category.  

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The jury selected Zandonini for his outstanding contributions in analysing European policy-making and its connection to and impact on West African countries.

“Working at the intersection of migration, borders and EU policy, Zandonini possesses a unique talent for identifying thorny yet unexplored geopolitical questions and decoding them through the juxtaposition of official narratives and human histories. With his thorough approach and in-depth investigations, he connects dots in unexpected ways, drawing together seemingly disparate strands into a closely connected narrative,” said the jury.

Suchecka was selected for her creative approach to reporting on education issues and her ability to convey the realities on the ground in to a broad audience.

“Justyna Suchecka's work demonstrates an impressive dexterity in surfacing and exploring specialised and often underreported topics. Confronting challenging issues while connecting Polish experiences to a broader European context, her relatable style of reporting uses an imaginative approach to transform and unpick complicated stories, creating accessible articles that open up the often complex field of education to a wider readership,” said the jury.

Both laureates will receive their awards at a ceremony in June as part of the Evens Foundation's anniversary event at Bozar, Brussels.