Museum in Dialogue


Publication Museum in Dialogue

Can a museum be a place of encounter and dialogue for a diverse audience?

The texts gathered in this little publication, give an insight into the process of Museum in Dialogue, an initiative that focuses on participation and co-creation in a museum context.

With this publication we aim to contribute to the debate about the role of museums in a diverse society. True to the philosophy of the project it brings together the different perspectives of the parties involved illustrating everyone’s intention to listen and learn.

Next year we’ll be launching a series of podcasts made by the group that shed a different light on a few art works of the Old Masters collection.

Museum in Dialogue is a joint initiative of the Evens Foundation and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in collaboration with FMDO vzw, De Veerman vzw and a group of interested visitors, to explore if and how museums and their collections can foster encounter and dialogue.

The publication is available in three languages (NL, EN, FR).